In-class & Online Czech Courses for Foreigners in Karlovy Vary
1) How to enroll?
Simply choose & book your course from the timetable, drop us an email  or call (+420) 775 191 038 with your idea about your course.
You can also arrange a FREE ONLINE TEST MEETING with us to help you define your level the best.

2) Where do the courses take place?
At Czech Courses classrooms at Moskevská 24, Karlovy Vary. The online classes run online.

3) Do I need to wait for a new course to start, or can I join an existing one?​ 
You can join a running course, sure! Just have a look at the timetable to see all running courses.

4) I am not a beginner, but I don't see any new openings for my level. 
Yes, you will see only a note that the course is "running". All our courses are open courses. New students can join anytime.
They come for a free trial class to a course that has already started in the past. The new course openings are for total beginners only.
Then, the courses keep going and progressing. If you are not a beginner, you would always join a course that has already started.
As long as there is a free spot and the level suits you, you can join.

5) I will join a biweekly course that is already running. How much will the course fee be?
You are always welcome to join a free trial class. After the trial, you will decide whether you want to join or try another course.

6) I am a beginner, and I want to pass the A2 exam for my permanent residency. Which level should I sign up for, and how long does it take?
If you are a beginner, you need to start from the beginning (A1 level), and you can join an A2 level group then.
Going directly to the A2 level is not possible, as you need to progress step by step.

The average time to prepare for the A2 level exam is 15-18 months (when you take your classes twice a week and do the extra work at home).
When you sign up for the intensive course, the average time to prepare for the exam is 10 months.
Yes, it takes a lot of time.
7) I have studied Czech before and I’m not sure what my level is.
Best is to see us in our office where (apart from a written test) we will sit together and speak for a bit. That is the best way to decide.
Or arrange a FREE ONLINE TEST MEETING with us to help you define your level the best.

8) I am not sure whether I am a total or false beginner.
Most of our total beginners students have been living in the Czech republic for some time, have Czech relatives and know how to order food and buy basic things in the shop.
The false beginners know how to conjugate verbs in present and past tense, know what the accusative case is and can have a basic conversation about their hobbies, work and life.

9) How much does the course cost?​ 
Please check the up-to-date prices on the timetable.
10) What if I miss a class? 
Any lesson cancelled by the student (with a 24-hour notice) can be made up for.
Students book their make-up lessons automatically using the Make-up Lesson Booking System.
11) How many students are there in a class?
The maximum number of students in a course is 8; the average number of students in a class is 4-6.
12) Who will be my tutor?
We will tell you the name of your tutor when you sign up for a course.
13) Which books do you follow?
You’ll be told exactly which book to get according to the course you pick. For beginners courses we follow the books of Lída Holá - Czech Step by Step.
But we also use lots of other materials, too - newspaper articles, books, songs...

14) How can I make the payment?
We accept cash, credit cards, you can pay by bank transfers, paypal, transferwise, bitcoin, or via a wide range of benefit programmes.

15) Where can I find Terms & conditions?
You can find it in our Terms & Conditions section.

16) Is the book included in the price of the course?
No, it is not. But you can get your book at our bookshop at reduced prices.

17) Can I buy a voucher?
Yes! If you want to present someone with a valuable gift, you can order a dedicated voucher immediately. On a nice hand-made paper, or in an electronic form. Please contact us for more details. Voucher

Do you have more questions? We are here to help! Give us a call at (+420) 775 191 038 or send us an email.

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